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I'm a life long resident of Lewisville, Arkansas I'm proud to be the current Republican candidate for Arkansas State Representative District 5. I have spent most of my life working in Southwest Arkansas from a busboy at 15 to managing an independent pharmacy in Magnolia, Arkansas, at 23. Over the past three years, I have traveled the country working for the number one pharmaceutical software company in America, changing the lives of independent pharmacies and their communities alike, this has heightened my expectations for economic and social development for Southwest Arkansas. I'm dedicated to reenergizing and the revitalization of Arkansas communities, providing better quality education for our youth, while also ushering in a new fiscal foundation for Arkansas. I feel confident that together we can build a better tomorrow for Arkansas. 



      Chase McDowell     



So far, The McDowell Campaign has worked tirelessly to combated Childhood hunger by partnering with Harvest foods of Texarkana, AR, feeding over two hundred Students that attend the Lafayette County School System. I am dedicated to the mission that no child in Arkansas will ever go hungry. Here at the McDowell campaign, we are also combating childhood illiteracy by providing every child K-6th with a Dr. Suess book. I personally each month by invitation read to a class of bright young students from my district. We still have much work ahead, but with your generosity and support, The McDowell Campain will continue to build a better tomorrow for Arkansas.



My vision for Arkansas is bright. I bring true Republican vision and leadership to the table, something that is nonexistent in Little Rock. I have the belief that We The People are better equipped to establish new enterprises and develop communal growth. Not a Government clamoring for more regulation, higher taxes, and more social programs. This "Old South" mentality has projected a false sensibility in Arkansans that the redistribution of corporate and private funds by heavy taxation supports growth. This is a false narrative. These socialist policies have caused a multigenerational stagnation of social and economic growth, ranking Arkansas last. It's long overdue for true leadership in Arkansas. Leadership that does not shirk the responsibilities of properly educating our children. Leadership that is focused on new economic expansion. Leadership that is focused on new infrastructure. Leadership that is focused on fiscal independence from the Federal Government. We need leadership that, Believes that the economy grows when We The People spend our money, not when the Government spends it for us. We need leadership that is focused on the progress of Arkansans. I am that Leader I believe that Arkansas's best days are before Her. Through a resurgence of trade laborers, lower taxes, and less regulation, the vision of a better and safer Arkansas is only a vote away.



Chase McDowell


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           1006 East 6th Street

Lewisville AR, 71845




 (870) 953-0681

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